No! You Pick! - An Unremarkable Choose Your Own Adventure

My original plan was to write a story about this memory I have of discovering John Grisham as a teen. This was to lead into a badly written review for his book, The Whistler, which I read purely because it was available as a digital loan from the library. I was going to have that turn into a review for the Kobo Clara HD midway through as a weird hybrid review-inside-a-narative. As I started writing it though, I quickly discovered that this thing was getting a little long in the tooth, so I decided to just split the two from each other.

A strange sense of pride in my ugly hybrid baby brought about this thought: Why don't I let you pick how you want to read the damn thing? Or if, even!

So here are your options:

And if you don't care about any of that nonsense, but are slightly interested to see what I've read over the past two years, here are those lists.

Books Read in 2018
Books Read in 2019


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